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Electronic payment system WebMoney is offering users the equivalent of the most common currencies. Separate purses intended for storage and operations with Russian rubles, the second with the Euro, and others with dollars, etc. in Detail about e-currency WMZ you can read here https://spbwmcasher.ru/e-lektronnaya-valyuta-wmz/.

The functionality of the system is constantly expanding and today the owners of dollar accounts available for withdrawals at foreign ATMs and other operations. In Russia currency exchange WMZ has been the most popular operation. He performed both as part of the system, and through the exchange site. They have some advantages concerning useful rates, and also the simplified procedure of the exchange. Within WebMoney average exchange rate than the official figures 2-3 rubles, and Certification is a long and complicated procedure.

The functionality of the exchange platform also allows you to exchange WMZ to Yandex money. One of the most trusted resources acts SpbWMCasher, who managed to win recognition of customers from St. Petersburg and then across Russia.

If to speak about WebMoney and Yandex money, both the payment system cooperate on an official level, which involves a process of mutual binding, wallets. After the money is transferred back and forth, but each service charges a fee. In the case of WMZ purse costs are compounded and the fee for currency conversion. As part of the exchange platform, everything is much easier, the exchange rate WMZ practically does not differ from the official, and for translating the dollars into rubles, the Commission is not charged by the site. Users simply fill out a simple form, confirm the application and after a short time to get the required amount. In the exchange process smooth functioning in a feedback mode, when all transaction data is available in real time.

A similar mechanism is used in working with the e-payment service QIWI. He, as well as Yandex money, works closely with WebMoney. Wallets attached to each other, allowing mutual translations. However, to exchange WMZ to QIWI, again, you need to pay several commissions, which ultimately entails significant costs. In turn, the experts exchange service take care of all the hassle, and the translation of rubles into foreign currency is converted into ordinary procedure. The main advantage is the ability to do without tying accounts. Therefore, to simplify the requirements for the level of performance for clients of WebMoney it is a sore subject. The exchange platform works without intermediaries, and at the heart of its capabilities lies a comprehensive functionality.

They make available the early withdrawal on any account. The only condition for operation is the affiliation of both wallets one person, then the operation is performed in the shortest possible time and without delay. Exchange rates are very favorable and allow not only to preserve but also to multiply the capital, playing on the rise or fall in the current mode!