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Service ENUM provides a mechanism for user authorization, operating within the framework of system of WebMoney. Its participants are provided with an encrypted key, stored in personal computers, mobile devices and other office equipment. With a key the owner enters into a private office and can use all the functions of the electronic wallet. Parallel platform WebMoney allows you to place encrypted password directly in the system, making it possible to access your account from any device provided it is Internet connection.
How it looks in practice?

If you use WebMoney to pay for goods and services via the Internet, at the time of payment, one of the most popular options is authorization using Enum via mobile phone. It’s free and convenient. That’s how it looks in practice:

1. For example, you decide to add funds to your phone

WebMoney and Enum

2. Filled all fields and clicked “Send”

Receiving a verification code via Enum

3. Click on “get code”. After that, if your phone is installed and configured application Enum, you will automatically receive an alert that looks like this:

A message from Enum

4. Click “Yes” and get a window with the following content

Window Enum authorization

5. The value of the “Number-answer” you need to enter on the website on which the payment is being made.

The number of the answer to the question number in Enum

6. After clicking “confirm Payment”, the funds will be debited from your e-wallet WebMoney.
The advantages of the technology ENUM

The advantage of this technology is the registration function in the system of electronic payments. Subsequently, the account holder receives a tool to change the settings, and in case of force majeure circumstances can always regain access to the wallet. Service ENUM guarantees a completely secure login to the application WebMoney Keeper, which cuts off any possibility of password theft and unauthorized access. Additional security is becoming an important operations related to transfers or receive large sums of money. Confirmation system works equally both on the website and installed the program WebMoney Keeper. In one series of acts and efficiency of the technology that is equally available to both suppliers and users of goods and services.
The principle of operation

The principle of operation of the ENUM option is to use a bunch of question/answer, when the application WebMoney Keeper either directly on the website of the payment service, the user enters in the address bar of your email. Then on the screen there is the number of the issue. You need to enter the ENUM in the program, after launching it on your mobile phone. Behind the screen there is a number/answer and participant can only drive it in the authorization string on the site or app WebMoney Keeper. After that there is the entrance to the site and the client can perform all required operations. Customers available several authentication methods, from SMS confirmation to the scanned images of prints when needed for access to attach the finger to the panel. They are chosen based on the importance of the activities performed, the storage amounts, and other nuances.

The mechanism used in the system WebMoney, and pages and applications, the collaborating resources. It may be online shopping, network services, exchange platforms, and corporate financial structure. It is important that regardless of the nature, format and activities to participants of ENUM is not required to purchase and install a special server. All necessary data is already stored in the database, and a secure https connection allows to exchange information using mobile devices, computers, portable equipment. In the original application is stored encrypted code that provides access to the system. Regardless of the nature of the use of ENUM, whether the downloaded application or access to the website of WebMoney, the customer is spared from having to remember and write down passwords.

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