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With the development of information technology opportunities for people associated with turnover. Access to any operations carried out from the comfort of home, and the list is almost unlimited, ranging from purchases and ending with the conversion of electronic money in any currency and precious metals. So the system WebMoney has presented its users with a tool in the form of a purse WMG, on account of which the customer can store the electronic equivalent of gold.

The service debuted in 2007, when 1 WMG equated to the gram 995 gold. Special mention deserves the real gold-backed currency. The guarantor is a company WM Metals FZE. She was in the United Arab Emirates and holds the funds in real gold bullion, and stocks annually undergo an independent audit. Today the number of users wallets WMG exceed 15 thousand and the volume of gold in 2014 was 49 kg. the Purpose of creating an electronic equivalent of precious metals investment. Customers of the resource were able to invest their money in gold and earn income from fluctuations on the stock exchange. Related to this is the feature of the accounts WMG, mostly when wallets are used for storing money, a site of the receiving unit as a payment, are virtually absent.

Creating WMG, the specialists of the payment system chosen as a precious material — gold. The metal for millennia symbolized money, trade, and financial turnover remaining a reliable tool of investment of tangible assets. He is not afraid of war, natural and social disaster and other factors, and over time the value of gold only increases. With the advent of financial mechanisms, people were able to move away from traditional methods of investments when gold bullion is purchased independently, was kept in the Bank or elsewhere. Tools of WebMoney allow to circumvent the described variants associated with the risk of theft, loss or damage of precious metal.

Today, every system user has the option of investing in gold without its physical purchase and storage. It has been the exact equivalent, and the Commission for the transaction is from 0.001 to 2 WMG. The volume of purchase is restricted solely by the financial capabilities of the buyer, and the difference between rates allows you to obtain regular income. Naturally, the stock jumps lead to losses, but overall gold in the dynamics and shows only growth, and over time, his owner is always with a profit.

To purchase gold bullion at the company WM Metals FZE, which is the Guarantor of the currency WMG may be a user system, who is her partner and has on account of 995 WMG. It should be noted that in this case we are talking about additional functions. Acquisition and getting his hands on a real gold is a complex process and is more practical to use the electronic tools of the purse WMG, when your own computer turns into a Bank vault.