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The payment system is firmly established in life, becoming a ubiquitous tool of calculations of a huge number of people. Electronic money has a number of advantages over traditional means of payment, allowing people not to depend on residency and other factors. The payment platform allows to exchange one currency for another with a minimum Commission or even without it. The amount in the account of the wallet gives you the opportunity to meet the current loan payments, pay for purchases, Internet and mobile communications in any time and place. Such operations are made easy and convenient.

In Russia, a pioneer in this area was the service of electronic money WebMoney. Today its services are used by millions of citizens had time to consider the wider functionality of the site, protection of personal data, ease of use. However, the resource gives the opportunity to make wallets and people from other States. They, like the Russians, there are several types of currencies and their exchange, loans and all types of calculations. You can recharge your account in a variety of ways using terminals, Bank accounts, telephone numbers and other options.

Among the most popular purses of the resource is allocated to WMZ. This dollar bill that some time ago opened by default. With the money he took all the online stores, mobile operators, banks. If desired, the owner can always exchange WMZ to WMR or the other provided at the site currency. With the development of the ruble-denominated accounts dollar purses, a few made the room, however, and today remains the most popular means of payment for goods and services on foreign resources.

Replenishment WMZ maximum benefit

To buy dollars in the system WebMoney is not absolutely no difficulty. In this way, customers willing to have maximum profit and simultaneously to protect personal data. This platform provides a convenient tool-Keeper applications. From a security point of view it has no equal counterparts, however, the benefit remains controversial. Not lose too much money in the exchange will allow online resources where conversion takes place with a minimum Commission. Their rapid growth is observed at present. As a precaution, customers it is advisable not to deceive ourselves too tempting proposals and stop the selection at the site, tested by time and trusted by users.
Options withdraw money with WebMoney

To withdraw money, the owner of the wallet can use one of several ways:

Bank card. Here, the Commission varies between 1-3%, as the procedure will take from several minutes up to 3 days;
The system of postal transfers. WebMoney has partnered with CONTACT, UNISTREAM, ANELIK, ZOLOTAYA KORONA etc. At the time a transaction takes from a few minutes to 2 days. The average Commission is about 2.5%;
Bank transfer. It is produced during the day, taking a 0.5% fee;
Conversion of funds into another payment system, such as Yandex money and QIWI. Occurs instantly and free of charge;
Withdrawal of cash with a 3% partner area via WebMoney;
WebMoney exchange offices and dealers of the system. It should be extremely accurate, avoiding scams, and the Commission shall direct the resident system.