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Working on expanding the list of client currency WebMoney in 2005 organized purses WMY. Here are the electronic analog of the Uzbek national currency – soums. Within 5 years the guarantee was implemented by the Uzbek Agency providing users with a reliable commitment. It is no wonder that most purses were opened in the name of the citizens of Uzbekistan, and cash in the accounts system provided to them by right of ownership in the form of bonds.

The exchange and transmission owner has transferred their rights to the guarantor, and when sending funds to another wallet user. Since 2010 in the role of official guarantor is a company Tillo-Garant. She was in Tashkent and accepts written complaints concerning the functioning of purses WMY. However, for a long time to work it failed and in 2010 announced the termination of its own activities. Since then, an electronic analog of a national currency in Uzbekistan does not exist. A flurry of complaints from owners, had considered for several months, but the account was frozen.

My own comments were made by the representatives of the Central office of WebMoney. In particular, Victor Turskov explained that the Uzbek representative in the face of the company Tillo-Garant was not able to renew the license, demonstrating incompetent management. Wallets WMY hardly functioned and was not popular among the customers system. It was planned to submit a new guarantor WebMoney, but even before these wallets Uzbek users thawed, allowing them to access the money and operations. In 2010, the number of participants in Uzbekistan amounted to 2 million.

However, the shock has not gone unnoticed, the credibility of the purses WMY to plummet, and the currency has lost popularity, giving place to the ruble and dollar equivalents. In the end, the wallets were taken out of circulation WebMoney, giving participants the opportunity to exchange for WMZ and WMR. A certain amount has been lost, and the number who lost their clients ‘ money is still not beyond counting.

However, the system WebMoney, not only did not lose confidence and popularity, but also expanded its presence in the region. Today electronic monetary unit accepts a significant number of local online stores that work with dollars and rubles. Open the purse in Uzbekistan is very simple, just go to the website of the system, to register and to obtain a Formal Certificate. Direct wallets WMY – still frozen.