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The cryptocurrency Bitcoin a triumphant burst in the financial life of the world, being able to attract a huge number of users. The WebMoney system was not spared emerging trends when government currencies and gold was challenged in the form of electronic currency, and presented to its members the appropriate functionality. Today every client of the resource can have a purse WMX, where the current rate is 1000 WMX for 1 BTC.

Crypto currency creates a fundamentally new situation. In her case, the production units of money and their turnover is not binding to the physical region and country. It is not subject to financial auditing and bureaucratic control, due to using mathematical algorithms, the PC and the enthusiasm of the participants. Naturally, the structure of the new currency has caused a wide resonance, attracting as supporters in the form of thousands of owners of new money units from all over the world and opponents in the States, whose monopoly on the issue of money questioned.

The creation of bitcoin happens using a specific algorithm, and the amount of money in circulation at any time to learn from open sources. To any material asset, whether gold or industrial assets, binding is missing. In the case of bitcoin it determines the ratio of supply and demand, and the issue of currency can carry out any user on your PC by running the application WebMoney Keeper Classic or Light. In turn, WebMoney is a functionality that allows to do without the purchase of powerful computers and other complex actions. Enough to have a purse WMX, convert it to other electronic currency or cash, and then receive income due to the growth of bitcoin in the market or loss due to their fall.

Also, the user may place the wallet WMX real bitcoins. The procedure is made through the Guarantor, which is INDX Transactions Ltd. The client receives a bitcoin address and you can send a crypto currency from the client, and the admission occurs within hours using 6 confirmations, to provide additional reliability. The completion of the purse with a rouble, dollar and other accounts of WebMoney are made instantly and requires no effort. Users can send bitcoins to each other with the collection of a fee whose size is equal to 0.0008 inch 100 bitcoin WMX, which makes the site WebMoney most profitable way of converting any currency to bitcoins.

Analogously and withdrawing bitcoins from the wallet WMX. Funds are simply converted into other e-currencies, whether WMR or WMZ, and then sent to a Bank card or taken in cash. Today large-scale introduction of bitcoins prevents the limited power of the PC and also difficult procedure to master that in full can people with basic programming skills. Over time, the costs will come to naught, and bitcoin will gain popularity and will rеplace the usual dollars, rubles and euros. Of course, we cannot discount some of the opposition to control bodies, but while the legal framework on this subject is absent, and any bitcoin transactions available to customers legally.