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In the market of electronic payments WebMoney system is developing constantly, turning their activities into new regions. First of all, it relates to the territory of the former USSR, including Ukraine, where the resource is managed in the shortest possible time to achieve significant progress in a huge number of users. Here the analogue of the local hryvnia became the WMU wallet to make which can every citizen. However, the Ukrainian currency is available to other system users.

On the territory of Ukraine it will be a great means of calculations, allowing to do without a permanent conversion of rubles into dollars and Vice versa. Removing money from the WebMoney, the user always has on hand cash and avoiding exchange. The residents of the site with the help of purses WMU organized dealer network, as well as other owners wallets, unable to keep accounting records, perform operations of buying and selling of goods and services, with a continued guarantee of safety.

All account holders WebMoney UAH can expect to join the program of the CAA. Here the customer registers an entrepreneur or Yul and buys the rights cheap purchase WMU. Their implementation in his case is more expensive, and the difference becomes significant income. The number of possibilities of dealers inсlude the transfer of hryvnia on the client account without a fee.

Like other operations, the withdrawal is made in the shortest possible time and does not require additional action. Citizens of Ukraine can withdraw the hryvnia to the card of any Bank in the country, using the services of a licensed exchange platform. The withdrawal is made within 4 days from collection serious Commission. The most simple and popular version is associated with the services of PrivatBank, where the transaction is carried out instantly, and Bank card enters the requested amount.

The OTP also allows you to withdraw funds and do not charge any Commission before that, the user must open an account in this Bank and to provide the system WebMoney details, tying it to the resource. Then the client may at any time withdraw money. Account holders Ukrsotsbank awaiting conversion during the day. Like OTP, their map requires the prior binding. If you have any technical difficulties, the owner of the purse WMU may contact the support team, where he will promptly provide consultation and direct assistance.