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WMR is equivalent to the Russian ruble, becoming the first currency service WebMoney has started its activity. Today its distribution is not limited within the system, making the powerful competition cash payments. The owners of purses daily make a lot of operations related to payment, payments, money withdrawal, using the convenience of a platform and simple functionality.

E-the ruble in the full sense changed the lives of millions of citizens, allowing them not to take into account the distance and time. Just a few seconds and mouse clicks and a person who is for many thousand kilometers, receives the required amount. The owner may exchange WMR to WMZ, to produce other forms of conversion and calculations. In comparison with the usual bills, electronic currency has a number of advantages. To use it can entrepreneurs, the users of goods and services receiving access to the online auction and products to other cities and States. The Commission system is minimal interest and no impact for the common good.

Significant attention is paid to users ‘ privacy. All transactions are made anonymously and personal details of the owners of the wallet are secured. Withdrawal is made without a contract in the shortest possible time. In many cases, do not even need to be away from the PC because the money comes to the Bank card.

An additional advantage is the possibility of earning money in the system. To do this, the user must register and then subscribe to some pages containing useful information. When you send WMR to other users it is enough to specify the number of purse, and then confirm the transaction. The funds are transferred instantly to the account, similar to their transmission through personal contact.

The use of purse possible from any PC or mobile device with Internet access. When the currency exchanges used fixed rate that does not depend on the current fluctuations. Withdrawals to Bank cards possible after their registration, when the user presents an ID and identification number. Following this, he has access to a Bank account where he can perform any action, including the withdrawal of money via ATM.