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The system WebMoney inevitably expands its presence in the financial market of Russia and CIS countries, introducing electronic equivalents of local currencies. Kazakhstan is the tenge, whose electronic equivalent is WMK. With it, local users can send and receive funds, make payments, pay for services and withdraw cash. Some time ago, before the advent of wallets WMK, participants from Kazakhstan we mainly used the dollar bill. A major obstacle was the need for regular exchange of money with the expectation of a favorable exchange rate and similar nuances.

Going to meet them, the site WebMoney introduced the electronic equivalent of the local currency. During this period, the number of members of the resource in the country has reached 700 thousand people. Their number continues to grow, confirming the correctness of the chosen platform strategy. The guarantor of electronic money in the country stands Kazgorath, and all transactions are through EKZT. In her case we are talking about the local payment system, resulting from the cooperation of several banks in Kazakhstan. The procedure itself is official, but the circulation of electronic money in the country is related with certain restrictions, to eliminate that and called WebMoney service.

Users wallets WMK can install on your PC the Keeper, receiving all the associated benefits. The Deposit is through the instruments of the Guarantor, accessed by registered users of WebMoney. They have the option to recharge via EKZT present in the personal Cabinet.

In addition, the money in the account can be made through Visa and MasterCard. These transactions also pass through an intermediary on behalf of EKZT. In the first stage, the money goes from card to client account in the system, and the second stage the user moves them to the purse WMK.

Funds can be paid via terminal and ATM. Not surprisingly, the ubiquitous system EKZT and then do not deprive Kazakh residents. The original account is opened in it, and the customer is assigned a calculation number. Then through the terminal acquired currency EKZT, and on the website WebMoney it is to be paid on the wallet.

The account can be recharged at the offices of Eximbank. The procedure is similar to updating via terminals and ATMs, but produces a Bank employee, saving the customer the trouble.

Bank transfer is available to users free of cooperation with the system EKZT. Enough to register on the site WebMoney, get the certificate and choose the category “clearing”. After receiving details of the customer using the functionality of the system, provides them to the selected Bank, then the transaction completes his statement.

Direct use WMK associated with the replenishment of mobile accounts, payments to Internet service providers, utility tariffs, movies and music, tickets to some bus stations, and fines.

The conclusion of money with purses of the WMK provides:

A personal visit by the client of one of the branches of any Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Here he opens the account where the data matches with the specified WebMoney information. Then you need to go to the website of the payment system and send the money to your Bank account. Withdraw funds up to 2 times a day.

Payment platform, WebMoney is widely used by businesses. They can how to get money for their goods and services, and to pay for services and products. In their case, the money derived through special exchange points.