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WebMoney is constantly expanding the list used at the site of the currencies, trying to gain confidence and to reach more customers. Among them inhabitants of Europe, where the main unit of currency is the Euro, whose analogue in the system became WME. Its first use in the system relates to 2001, as soon as the European uniоn has identified the currency as the main on-site. The payment system do not miss your chance and make full use of a currency that has managed to create a serious competitor to the dollar. However, the overall turnover WME significantly lower the volume of payments in dollars and rubles, which are represented in the system accordingly purses WMZ and WMR. The restrictions associated with a small number of European residents in the system, and the Foundation of operations is formed by clients with the intention to exchange WME to WMR and other currencies.

However, calculations in Euros are constantly growing and the balance in the positive direction. The currency has a strong position, becoming a unit of account in many online sites, online stores and auctions. The majority of experts asserts that the positions of the WME will be strengthened. Guarantor of the calculations is Netec Financial ltd, organizing safe turnover of Euro in the system. The procedure of opening a wallet on the Euro area does not differ from billing in other currencies and includes the following steps:

Registration, opening of the purse (dollar default);
Sending and checking of personal data;
The entrance to the office;
Activation of the category “Wallets”, selecting “Create new wallet” and sеlect “WME”.

The user site receives the purse and the ability to perform all associated functions, including the exchange, transfer, payment for goods and services.
Accounts WME

You can recharge your account in a variety of ways, from which the client selects the best option for themselves. These include:

The use of the exchange service, where the Commission is of 0-4%, and the service itself requires caution and a preliminary study of the reputation of its provider. A list of reliable operators presented on the website WebMoney in category “Licenses”;
The binding of the electronic wallet to a Bank account, instant Fund your wallet through your personal account, with zero Commission;
Direct Bank transfers. Is made from the account and does not require payment;
Exposed Bank account. The transaction is made within 2 days and requires a fee of 1%;
Replenishment through Bank. By an operator in the shortest possible time, the Commission does not require;
Traditional money transfer. Require cash in Euros and 2% of the Commission;
Notes WM. Instant transfer payment 1-3%;
Card WM. Cash payment, immediate transfer, the Commission is 5%;
The completion of the purse with electronic money. No Commission is charged;
Terminal. Instant transfer, Commission 3%. A check is maintained until confirmation of receipt of funds;
Vouchers and prepaid cards. High Commission of 6-8% and the quick transfer of money.

The user is presented a wide range of placement options, and withdrawals is also not limited to one way.
Withdrawal WME

Withdrawals from accounts in Euros takes place through:

Bank transfers 0.6% Commission. Term – day, after which the Department issued cash;
Ukash. Vouchers with instant results and a fee of 1.5%;
Services system dealers and exchange points. The Commission varies between 1-7%, it is important not to run into scams, using verified services;
Transfer money to another payment system, QIWI or Yandex money;
Functionality of the exchange platform exchanger.ru. The Commission is not taken, the term – day;
Personal card of WebMoney. It must be pre-booked in the system, after which a Commission of 1-2% of the money derived from any ATM.

The site provides its members a rich set of features output that ensures customer confidence and increasing cash turnover. Since 1997, when WebMoney started its activities, it is constantly improved, adapting to changing conditions for maximum user convenience. Now there is a lot of new trade organizations, calculated in Euros, this causes a rise in the currency and entails the dynamic development of its electronic counterpart WME.