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On the territory of the Republic of Belarus the appeal of electronic money is regulated by the decision of the National Bank No. 201. It stated that the primary electronic analogue of the local currency is the WMB, whose output provides the system WebMoney. In addition, a legal act regulates specific aspects of electronic circulation. So the transaction amount may not exceed 30 units or $ 200. In terms of the local currency, the transaction limit was 1 050 000 rubles. In 2012, the size of WMB increased 3 times, setting the par value of 100 thousand rubles. The amount of possible operations has increased to 3 150 000 units of the Belarusian currency.

When the limit is exceeded, the system performs an independent analysis of the amount, and then performs the operation in parts. This approach allows to organize the constant influx of money in the form of cash or credits to the account. The output is not regulated automatically, the user must divide the sum into parts. This operation requires obtaining the Certificate. Prior to that, the size of the purse is limited to 3.5 million Belarusian rubles. In Belarus there are strict regulation, if the evasion which the user’s wallet and his Bank accounts frozen, and thawed it is only after registration of the Certificate. All operations on the money withdrawal made by Technobank, and have access to them, only the holders of Personal Passport.

Technobank acts as Guarantor of the system and provides services for transactions with WMB, not only Belarusian citizens but also users from other countries. However, obtaining funds is carried out only in Belarusian rubles. Theoretically, the customers are ensured complete privacy, however in recent times there is evidence to the contrary. Confirm they have not yet found, but the credibility of the Technobank has been undermined.

When the resource of WebMoney will decide to take advantage of the owner of an Internet store, it is imperative to make Yul. A withdrawal in this case is carried out after signing the contract with the Guarantor of WebMoney, and the process is carried out only in cash, when the money reaches the Bank account of the user at the coincidence of details. In addition, the businessman has the opportunity to perform payments for their customers using WMB. There is also the need to agree with the Guarantor and to permit the provision of services.

Other currencies operating in the system, including Russian rubles, dollars and euros, the citizens of Belarus not available. WebMoney is unable to accept them, because it is not resident in the country. Theoretically, the assistance may come from local banks, but even the Transbank is not engaged in such operations. The decision of the state bodies on foreign citizens and companies does not say anything, because of this the option of receiving their payment in WMB is allowed subject to mandatory agreement with the Guarantor. In Belarus such a system have already benefited thousands of sites.

The withdrawal of money and their exchange provides the above-mentioned agreement with the Guarantor and the Certificate on work with currency WebMoney. Get it exchange platform whose work is carried out in 2 directions:

The flow of funds from the account of the exchange sites at the expense of the Guarantor;
The flow of funds from the account of Guarantor on account of exchange sites.

Independently transfer funds, bypassing the intermediary on behalf of the Guarantor, the exchange site is not allowed. Withdrawal of money is carried out only by means of Technobank, parallel variants are offered exclusively by the fraudsters to use their services is not worth it. You can recharge your account in a variety of ways, including postal services, terminals and online banks.