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What WMID?

WMID is a key term in the payment system WebMoney. This is a 12-digit number is automatically assigned to each user upon registration and remains unchanged. It is the electronic passport, “digital name”.

Where to find WMID

Picture: looks like a WMID 12-digit number. It is visible in the titlebar of the window. Please note: “inside” one WMID can be any number of wallets.

Abbreviation WMID translated to “human language” as the identification number WebMoney: look at the bold. The number uniquely identifies the user within the system. Change is impossible, although the attributes and properties of numbers-the ID is constantly changing.
How to find out your WMID

Just run the program WM Keeper and look for the window title. In the screenshot above WMID underlined in yellow.

If you use the web client WebMoney (online program that runs in the browser), then just look in the top right area of the window: there will be a 12-digit identifier.

the number of claims, testimonials and claims in the system “WebMoney”

Picture: WMID shown in the top right of the browser if you use the web version WebMoney

Task WMID – storing information about the user, plus the provision of the open part of this information to its contractors and other partners. ID – “drive” the necessary data for use in the system. Another analogy: e-mail address necessary for storing, sending and receiving emails. WMID, in turn, is used to store funds, they receive and send.

For simple understanding WMID and its functions, you can draw an analogy with the subject of the offline sphere: ordinary passport. A passport is every citizen. His number – a unique number (as WMID!). Inside the passport contains information such as the date and place of birth, gender, residence, etc. In this analogy, the “inside” WMID provides information about the date of registration of the user, his status and level of business activity (see below).

The passport holder has the right to own property: for example, number of apartments/cars. Their number is in principle unlimited. So the WMID owner can manage multiple wallets: ruble WMR, WMZ dollar, etc. With purses of the same currency can be any number.

Room WMID is neither secret nor confidential, as the e-mail address.
Properties and characteristics WMID

WMID you can legally learn some open characteristics of the user.

Features WMID – BL, TL, and the type of passport.
BL (“business-level”), the level of business activity

A number from 0 to infinity, which is changed regularly every user. In the screenshot shown with a green underline. The higher the BL, the more frequently the owner uses the electronic money system WebMoney, the more he has the turnover and the amount of transfer. Very roughly we can say that:

users with BL from 0 to 5 novice owners of electronic wallets with a small speed;
BL from 10 to 30-40 points at a rather advanced user, who, however, hardly engaged in active commercial activities;
BL with three-digit numbers indicates an active businessman in the online environment, perhaps the firm.

In the example in the screenshot above BL owner equal to 45. The output is an experienced participant of WebMoney, with some margin of confidence. By the way, the red decoration of the font in the number 45 indicates that the holder currently has in the wallets of the amount above the electronic equivalent of $ 1,000. Green indicates possession amounts from 1000 to 1000 thousand WMZ. Blue and orange fonts indicate the presence of much larger funds.

The higher the BL, the more credible its owner.
TL (“trust level”), the level of trust

This number indicates the degree of financial confidence to the user other participants WebMoney. In fact, indicates the amount that the owner of a WMID is able to borrow from those who trust him – though without notice. TL is more often used among family members, among workers of one company. If TL is equal to zero, the WMID user does not use debt funds (of most people). In other words, the zero indicator TL not talking about distrust – he points to the irrelevance of the debt service of that participant.

In the screenshot TL is underlined with a blue line. When BL = 45, zero indicator Trust Level does not mean anything negative.
Claim reviews and claims for WMID

These features are not visible in the Keeper, but they can be found on the website of the system (enter the WMID number in the “find a certificate”).

The presence of claims – an occasion to pay more attention to the WMID owner, especially to a dealer or other representative of e-Commerce. Specific claims and lawsuits are visible in the service. A few (1-3) complaints are typical for any business: it happens even when perfect work.

The amount of feedback (usually positive) as an additional factor for a greater degree of confidence to the owner of the given WMID.

The number of claims fairly negative indicator, which reduces the degree of confidence in this person/company.

the number of claims, testimonials and claims in the system “WebMoney”

Indicators species 0/0/0 indirectly indicate that the owner of the WMID is not engaged in active commercial activities, often acting as a buyer than a seller.
How to find a WMID in the user’s wallet?

Way to learn WMID on the wallet

The official and most convenient way to go to address https://passport.webmoney.ru/asp/VerifyWMID.asp (page “View certificate”) and to enter into the proposed form purse WMR/WMZ/WMB/any other.

WebMoney issues about the user the following information:

TL (if different from null);
the current status of the wallet: not blocked by this user, serves whether his system;
the number of claims reviews and claims;
the personal data that the user decided to share.

In the example in the screenshot above you can see that a man with the nickname Anastal a fairly high business level (83). It has one claim and its contents can be viewed (however, lawsuits do not exist). Personal certificate was issued 2 months ago (this certificate is an indirect indicator of the verified user at least, this man was sent to the WM system your personal documents and paid for identification).

Brief summary:

WMID – invariant personal identification number in the payment system “WebMoney”.

“Inside” of one WMID can be any number of wallets.

Each WMID is regularly changing features: reviews, BL, etc., who have much to tell other participants of the payment system.

The WMID number in any case is not secret or confidential.