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What to do if I lose my SIM card, which is tied to the WebMoney purse?

SIM card

Registration in WebMoney is quite simple. Initially you want to specify only a phone number that will be assigned to the WMID of the user. In consequence of all transactions to be confirmed via a code that comes to the specified number and the loss of the SIM severely limits access to the system. However, a lost phone may not necessarily be a serious problem.
Recovery SIM card

For most subscribers is much easier and faster to trace a SIM card, as mobile operators not a problem with it. Card replacement is made in spoilage and loss. In any case, it can make only the person whose passport details you specified when buying the SIM.

The owner of the SIM along with your passport should contact the nearest office of your mobile operator. It should be done immediately after the loss, as if within 3 months it will not use, the provider will return the room in the General database where it will be sold in the future.

For recovery of SIM card is written statement, which provide employees of salon of cellular communication. It is seen within a few business days. The exact date will tell the experts during treatment, but usually the process is not more than a week. Once the application is approved, the subscriber will need to come to the office and get a card. When damage SIM card the entire recovery procedure takes just minutes. Since almost immediately after writing the application, the customer is provided with the base SIM card, which fixed the number of the previous SIM.

If the owner WMID and SIM cards do not match, and there is no way to find him for going to the office, the user of the electronic wallet will have to use a more complex method which is not available for all users.
Change the phone system

The procedure of changing number in WebMoney only occurs remotely in the case of both phones. In case of loss of SIM card the procedure is complicated, because:

Changing phone is possible only for formal types of diploma and above;
The appeal is considered to 10 working days;
Appeal is taken only in the form of a paper statement that is mailed or personally delivered.

In the system there are several types of certificates, which have their limitations. A formal certificate is enough for shopping and payment services and transfer money to other customers of the system. This certificate does not require the indication of passport data, but the certificate alias (the first one that gets people) not available if you lose the phone, as the staff of WebMoney are unable to identify the user in other ways.

Formal certificate already requires specifying the data of the passport, including its scan. This significantly extends the capabilities of the client, including to change the phone SIM card which were lost. Change occurs through the administrator of the verification centre in several stages:

Statement. You must write an official statement according to a single pattern for a room change.
Send the application to the Certification Center, which is for residents of Russia in Moscow and St. Petersburg, for the Ukrainians in Kiev, and for Belarusians in Minsk, Mogilev, Vitebsk, Bobruisk, Brest and Gomel.

In the office you can come personally with a passport. If there is no opportunity to personally give a statement, you will need to send it in the mail, however, will require further confirmation. Signature of the user of WebMoney, the statement must be notarized. The certification is sent along with the application and photocopy of all completed pages of passport. To certify a photocopy of your passport is required. The letter is sent without a Declaration of value. The visa processing time is counted from the date of receipt by the organization.

Find the template statement and the addresses of the offices WebMoney is available at the link https://passport.webmoney.ru/asp/contact.asp.