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Apple Pay vs Samsung Pay: compare systems of contactless payments

Popular payment services, which deserve special attention, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, which appeared almost at the same time. They have better convenience, however there are still some differences that are important to know.
Features of Apple Pay

The Apple Pay on the territory of Russia is carried out only by using certain credit cards, primarily Visa PayWave and MasterCard PayPass. Operations are carried out through contactless payment method.

Visa PayWave

Mastercard Paypass

To use Apple Pay, you need to have one of the following devices that support it:

IPhone 6-th model and the subsequent;
some models of Ipad, including the Pro, Mini and Air;
all existing Apple Watch.

Iphone 5th generation work with this app, only if the smartphone will be connected watch. Such smart watches are used to make purchases in a variety of applications, the payment process very simple and quick.

Apple Pay is totally secure in terms of user privacy due to the fact that the history of transactions made in last time is not saved. This means that there is no way to identify the user and somehow use its data. This is possible through the encryption service all data of the provided information, and that encrypted all data sent to the Bank for further transactions. In addition to details about the device that performed the operation, as well as user accounts with encrypted information about the whereabouts of the owner of the gadget.

After the Bank carries out confirmation of the card, it transmits the pre-encrypted data to the Apple server, the server information is stored in a special chip, guarantee the security of all information. The credit card number to Apple’s servers is not stored at all, instead they contain only part numbers with a description card.
Samsung Pay: preferential differences

Speaking about the difference between Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, is to focus on the fundamental differences between service, Samsung Pay. In this aspect, it is important that it supports technology Magnetic Secure Transmission. Using this technology, it is possible to refer to both the payment service devices, NFS and work with terminals, operating with magnetic or cipherbyname cards.

contactless payment NFC

A feature of the technology Magnetic Secure Transmission lies in the possibility of a payment terminal to accept any mobile device as a normal card, which makes its use as a form of payment is very convenient.

The use of this system makes Samsung Pay a universal and multifunctional, the only exception would be a terminal, the calculation of which requires the room card into the card reader.

Certain devices can work using this service. It is primarily Galaxy Note 5; Galaxy A5 and A7, S6 edge, Galaxy S7 and S7 edge and a number of other models. Can I use Samsung Pay at some other models, you need to know specifically. The same applies to individual countries, where Samsung Pay may not be supported.

This service also guarantees a certain level of security that can be enhanced using the installation PIN and check with fingerprints. Not saved and the data on payments made user, this information is also protected using encryption.

Thus, system Apple Pay and Samsung Pay easy to use and very functional, they have a lot of advantages in comparison with usual Bank cards.