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System Yandex money is gaining a huge momentum, daily attracting masses of new customers. Its popularity offers simple functionality and a policy of maximum loyalty to the users. New members and users is only going to start an e-wallet, the question is often asked how to replenish Yandex money. Methods to do this, there is a great variety and most of them will be outlined below.
Ways to replenish Yandex purse

Among the Deposit options need to allocate cash and non-cash ways. The choice depends on the specific circumstances. Among the cash options are the most common:

Postal order;
Cash retailers.

First need to know how to replenish Yandex through the terminal. He was and still is the easiest way to Deposit money. The terminals are located at every step and work around the clock. Here enable the option “E-Commerce and the Internet, there is a section on “Yandex money”, driving a number of wallet, and (if the terminal requests) phone number. Then the receiver is inserted into the bill and click the option “Pay”. The terminal will issue a receipt that necessarily preserved until the amount in the account.

Cash trade networks replenish Yandex money, in the case where between them and a payment service contract. In particular, the payment must be made through “Euroset”, where the cashier is dictated by the number of the purse and available funds. In this case, a check is also stored until the arrival of the funds in the account.

User Yandex money available Deposit options using postal services. First and foremost, the matter concerns the Russian post and CONTACT systems. The client completes the form, provides a passport and pays a Commission. Mail of Russia takes 2% and 40 rubles from the top, the CONTACT charge 1.5% and 60 rubles from the top.

Not less popular, and with the development of the Internet are gaining immense popularity, cashless options to replenish the accounts. The client is available here:

Internet banking;
Replenishment Yandex wallet with Bank card;
Funding your account with a phone number;
Making money from the purse of another payment system.

To replenish Yandex purse from a Bank account, you must log in your personal account on the website of Sberbank. It must find the option “Payments” and in the category of “Yandex money” to replenish the account via Sberbank. Also the service is available to customers of Alfa-Bank, Promsvyazbank, NOMOS-Bank, the owners payment office “Corn MasterCard.

A Bank card is used as active, but it is necessary to use the functionality in the personal account Yandex money. In the category “My activities” you need to activate the option “Add” and sеlect “Bank card”. In the next window enter the card number below the amount. The method is very in demand due to cheapness. To replenish Yandex money card with a minimum Commission of 1%.

If you wish, as soon as possible to get the money into the account, the customer can make them from your phone. The only condition to join the Yandex’s phone, is its coincidence with the number that is tied to the account. Here the Commission is quite high and is of 7.95% and 10 rubles from the top.

Finally, a wallet is always possible to replenish the account with another payment system. There is also an indispensable pre-requirement remains binding. Today resource closely cooperates only with WebMoney, whose accounts can be tied to real money and Vice versa. After that, the owner may at any time transfer funds back and forth. The only drawback is the complicated procedure of registration in WebMoney where you want to provide a scan of the passport and wait for the moderators to check it out and make a decision.

So, of all the options to replenish the electronic purse Yandex money, You can choose the most suitable, focusing on the availability, speed and low cost. It is advisable constantly to combine ways to tie maps, phone numbers, and parallel accounts of other systems. This approach will extend the window of Your opportunities.