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Payment system WebMoney is the leader of the Russian market of electronic money. The number of users grows in parallel with the development of the Internet. Becoming members of the system, customers asked many questions. Most of them are related to how to replenish WebMoney, and talk about what this article.
Ways of replenishment WebMoney

To Deposit funds to the account e-wallet using cash and cashless money, in public places and not getting up from the table, using Bank accounts and other payment systems. Among the most popular ways and places where you can replenish WebMoney inсlude:

Deposits made through the terminal;
Wallet replenishment via WM-card;
Making money through dealers;
The completion of the purse with the telephone number;
Deposits by credit card;
Funding your account through cash trade networks;
Funding your account with purses of other payment systems.

The simplest variant of how to Fund WebMoney purse remains making money through the terminal. Until recently, this method was considered the most popular, but with the departure of money online is gradually losing ground. So, the owner of the wallet needs to find the terminal menu option WebMoney. The window R of the purse hammered his number (without the letter R), then the user confirms the transaction and makes a bill. At the end of the operation the terminal prints out a receipt. With this method of depositing money is important to pick up the check. The account credited.

Some time ago, before there was an opportunity to top up WebMoney through the terminal, customers actively contributed to the account with the help of WM-cards. They were sold from dealers with a value from 500 to 10,000 rubles, and replenish the account when it was made automatically. The map and today you can order online, but traditional stores and other venues, they almost never occur.

A very common method of replenishment through dealers. The regional representatives of WebMoney, part of which extends its activities throughout the country. Their list can be found on the Internet using official information from the website of the WebMoney. Funds must be paid in cash, the Commission depends on the specific dealer, but in General we are talking about the cheapest method.

Asking the question of how to Fund WebMoney with your phone, you need to remember that the operation requires prior binding. She is available to owners of rooms and operators MEGAFON, BEELINE, MTS and TELE 2. After some time (most often when the new menu WebMoney) here shows the option “My phone”. Here you need to sеlect the category “Deposit account”, Deposit amount and confirm the transaction by entering the code received by SMS or by sending a reply message with the requested symbol. After a while the room will receive confirmation of the transaction. Before you fill up WebMoney via phone, you must know that phone number is one of the most expensive options. For example, the BODY 2 will charge 20% Commission.

These shortcomings deprived of the option that allows you to Deposit WebMoney with credit card. Is directly on the website of the payment system in online. The user enters the card number and the amount. When it doesn’t exceed 2800 rubles, the Commission fee is 50 rubles, with a larger denomination, the Commission is not charged. Finally Bank account, you can use directly by logging in to your account and activating service Deposit WebMoney via Sberbank online.

The account can be replenished using certain retail chains. For example, WebMoney is actively cooperating with “Euroset” and “Svyaznoy”. Simply ask the cashier to indicate the number of the purse and stake.

Finally the user can always Deposit funds using third party electronic cash system. WebMoney provides tools for conversion of money with Yandex money and QIWI. To replenish WebMoney Yandex money, must bind to e-wallets to each other, using the menu functionality. It is important to have the proper level of Certificate, and the need to conform to the norm in both systems. An additional advantage of the binding is the possibility to use WebMoney as a mediator, since the direct transfers from Yandex to Kiwi and Vice versa – impossible.

So, there are many ways to Fund WebMoney accounts, each of them has its advantages and disadvantages and can be used depending on the circumstances. Easier and cheaper to replenish the WebMoney card (e.g., card Bank). In any case, the owner of the purse always has the opportunity to contribute to the expense, both physically and online.

Of course, those users who have multiple ways to Deposit and in addition, financially educated, have more prospects and profitability.