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How to convert Yandex money Qiwi

Many people to pay for services using virtual money. Using electronic money you can pay bills, transfer funds. A leader among these services is Yandex.Money. To take full advantage of the system need to know how to transfer money, including a purse of Kivi.
The complexity of the moment

Direct withdrawal of funds from Yandex QIWI does not exist. However, there are several other ways in which you can do the procedure. Each has its own characteristics. May be present or absent, the Commission, a different time, there are certain complications.
Mobile phone

Often resort to the method of transfer is via mobile phone. You need to first recharge on mobile through Yandex purse, that is, to make the amount you need to send to Kiwi. Then visit the personal account e-wallet Kiwi. When you sеlect “Add” sеlect “mobile phone”. The confirmation comes after specifying your phone number and the amount of funds. The percentage differs depending on the operator.
Card Kiwi

Another way – open the QIWI Visa Virtual card. The procedure:

The user is required to enter your personal account Yandex.
Choose the menu transfers.
To specify a Bank card Kiwi.
Enter your card details and payment amount.
Confirm transfer.

With Yandex on it will be enrolled during the day.
The WebMoney

As a facilitator of transfer is WebMoney Transfer. The user will have to go through several steps. Yandex purse need to be tied to the system WebMoney to withdraw the funds at an interest rate of 4.5%. After this, tied to the WebMoney, QIWI, you can go the second step and transfer the money from the Commission of 3%.
Exchange resources

You should pay attention to the exchange. On the website understandable and accessible interface, so the translation will be realized in the short term. Selecting the system that will be used for withdrawal and transfer, the resource will float tips:

First pass registration.
Then on the main page in a special form specifies a pair of resources, that is, from what to what account you need to transfer money.
To pay for services will have an interest rate that will be specified when choosing electronic systems.

Minimum withdraw 500 rubles, and a maximum of 20 thousand rubles. After filling in all the fields, you can go to the exchange.
Bank card

Fast, reliable and practical option consider replenishment via Bank card. Many people receive a salary or pension on a Bank card. With Visa and MasterCard you can withdraw funds within 1-6 working days and recharge QIWI card – instantly. This applies to all banks of Russia. Cardholders of banks “Opening” and “Alfa-Bank” time-shortened to a few minutes. The main thing that was connected to the service “relationship with the Bank.” When withdrawing money on Yandex account you need to pay 15 rubles and 3% of the amount of funds.

When choosing a method of transfer of funds from a Yandex wallet to Kiwi account it is important to choose the best option. To do this is to compare a fee per transaction, the time of receipt of the money. When opting for exchange online is to make sure that it is not fraudulent website. Suggestions, when the percentage of the transfer not taken, should cause suspicion.

Now on the Internet you can perform various operations, therefore it is necessary to connect multiple electronic payment systems. This will allow you to transfer funds not only via computer, but to use a tablet or smartphone.