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The majority of Internet users are holders of electronic purses. A significant portion of them are registered in the payment system KIWI, which is one of the most popular payment resources of Russia. The participants there are many ways to Deposit and withdraw funds what differentiates the service from competitors.

Ways of withdrawing money from QIWI wallet

The owners of purses, for one reason or another have not breed tools and people is only going to register in the system, must remember that to obtain funds necessary to provide relevant information about yourself. In the form prescribed, name, phone, passport details and residence address. Characteristically, in contrast to other resources, such as WebMoney, Kiwi does not need to send your passport scan, and it greatly simplifies the money withdrawal.

So, the existing options of cash withdrawal presents:

Services of postal money transfers, such as Anelik, Contact, Unistream;
Bank card;
Bank account;
Private exchange services.

Each of these methods has its advantages. Disadvantages associated with the time of the transaction, as well as the Commission, which is charged and other payment systems. In addition, it should be remembered that the withdrawal of money there are several intermediate stages. Users wishing to get their money as soon as possible and with the minimum rate, it makes sense to seek the services of specialized exchangers, for example SpbWmCasher. Here applications are processed very quickly, and most importantly, it is possible to obtain cash at point of delivery, bypassing the ATM and Windows mail. On the website of the service is indicated, account number, amount and after confirmation, you can come for the money.

Not difficult to withdraw money in the presence of VISA, MASTERCARD, MAESTRO, and can receive money even on plastic, was not issued in Russia and in other CIS countries. In the personal Cabinet of Kiwi sеlect the option “credit card” prescribed in her room, amount. Then be sent to your mobile phone SMS comes with a combination of numbers, and after it is entered in the box money sent to the card. They can then withdraw from an ATM or just use plastic. The stated transfer period is 5 days, but in practice the transaction is executed instantly. In the same way funds are withdrawn to a Bank account. With this operation, the user loses 2% of the amount.

The service released its product of QIWI Visa Plastic, acting as a General principle, where the bill is directly tied to the map and can be used without additional procedures. With QIWI Visa Plastic in ATMs of the Commission is taken to 2% of the withdrawal amount and 50 rubles from the top.

The use of mail services, such as Anelik, Contact, Unistream is a more complicated procedure. It also runs on the website, the average Commission is 2.5%, the confirmation is done by entering the SMS code. However, the money goes longer, on average 1-3 days, and then the user needs to go to a Bank branch cooperating with the selected mail service.

Many owners are interested in the opportunity to bring Kiwi terminals, which are widespread in all the cities and villages. This option often does not work because in most terminals there is no mechanism for withdrawal. Banking units where such device is to operate as a General principle, and require money transfer to the card.