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3 ways Qiwi to Yandex.Money

More and more people prefer to pay for goods and services with electronic money. And many use multiple payment systems, which may need to transfer money between them.

Despite the competition, all EPS provide an opportunity to transfer funds from one system to another. In particular Yandex.Money work great with Kiwi, allowing users to directly transfer funds between accounts.
Possible options

So let’s say that your QIWI wallet there is a certain amount of money, a Yandex-purse empty, but you can pay only through him. To get out of this situation will help the transfer. It should be noted that to translate means for Yandex with Kiwi directly. If someone says you that can translate money directly and offers his help, then most likely you are dealing with a scammer.

Real methods of translation are:

Online exchangers.
WebMoney Transfer.
Without a fee.

Take a closer look.
1. Online exchangers

It is most advantageous to transfer money through special sites-exchangers. But here we must be careful not to fall for the Scam site. The best option is to use our service Qiwi to Yandex.Money , we have low Commission for the transfer, a large number of reviews and high BL> 1000.

Enter the amount, number of purses in Kiwi is a cell phone number, which is registered in the account and in the payment of Yandex it is listed on the main page.

By agreeing to the terms, click on “Exchange”.
2. WebMoney Transfer

Quickly and safely to throw their money with a kiwi on the Yandex payment system through the website of the intermediary.

The first thing you need to go to the online Kiwi and send on WebMoney (if you have linked them to each other, then do it). The sum is quickly credited to your account. Now you are linking to Yandex.Money to WebMoney and to execute the transaction.

This method allows you to quickly transfer money, QIWI Yandex.Money. The only downside is that you lose a substantial amount on interest.
3. Without a fee

Don’t want to pay Commission? Then put the funds into your account in alpha Bank – if to Yandex profile attached “Alfa-click”, you can Fund your wallet from a Bank account without interest.

To bind to alpha-click the profile you need to go to the main page of Internet banking. After that go to “Settings” and click on “Electronic money”.

Find Yandex, and sеlect “Create new binding”.

sеlect Bank account and enter the number of the purse. Confirm their actions through text messages from banking institutions.

Go into the office bills and locate an alert. Now just enter the same code as before, and you’re done.